What are the advantages of heat transfer oil heating for power battery manufacturing compared with traditional steam boiler heating

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◇ Low operating pressure and high safety. At different boiler outlet temperatures, the heat transfer oil ‘s heating system is maintained in the common-pressure liquid phase state of 0.4~0.5MPa, and the safety and reliability of the system and heat equipment are high; for the steam boiler system, the steam pressure increases with the increase of temperature. At 250 ℃, the steam pressure is more than 10 times of the heat transfer oil pressure, and the steam boiler equipment is pressure resistant equipment.

◇ Low operating costs. Heating system of heat transfer oil is simple without water treatment equipments and auxiliary equipments, equipments are atmospheric equipment, which reduce equipment investment costs.

◇ High thermal efficiency. Temperature differences between the inlet and outlet of the boiler is 20~30 ℃, and there is no heat loss such as running, emitting, dripping and leakage, and the heat utilization rate is high.

◇ High temperature control accuracy, especially suitable for heating heat-sensitive materials such as lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials.

◇ The system is convenient to operate, without long-term personnel on duty, reducing labor costs.