How to treat the particles in hydraulic oil?

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Excessive particulate matter in the hydraulic oil can clog the filter, chafing seals, clogging or wearing components. But the hydraulic oil in the production process and the use of the process can not be no particles. At present, China's national standards for hydraulic oil particles are controlled by "mechanical impurities" <0.005%, and foreign countries use the hydraulic oil cleanliness level of NASA (NAS) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to be constant.

The hydraulic system of oil cleanliness requirements are as follows:

Large gap, low pressure hydraulic system: NAS 10-12 (approximately equivalent to ISO 19/16-21/18, allowing ≥ 5μ particles/ml: approximately 5,000-20,000;≥ 15μ: approximately 640-2,500)

Medium and high pressure hydraulic systems: NAS 7-9 (approximately equivalent to ISO 16/13-18/15, allowing ≥ 5μ particles/ml: about 640-2,500;≥ 15μ: about 80-320)

Sensitive and servo high-pressure hydraulic system: NAS 4-6 (approximately equivalent to ISO 13/10-15/12, allowing ≥ 5μ particles/ml: approximately 80-320;≥ 15μ: approximately 10-40)