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Water-soluble imidazoline

RP series water-soluble imidazoline rust inhibitor is a water-soluble film-forming rust inhibitor with excellent rust prevention, lubrication, cleaning and film forming properties. They can form a soft film invisible to the naked eye on the surface of the metal workpiece, thereby effectively improving the anti-rust ability of water-based rust inhibitors, the correct use of them can modulate high rust resistance water-based rust inhibitors.
  • Product Introduction




    (1% deionized water)

    Acid value

    Performance Introduction


    ASTM D664


    Brown viscous liquid

    Partially soluble in water


    Imidazoline rust inhibitor based on oleoyl group; with well anti-rust, film-forming and cleaning performance; suitable for long-term anti-corrosion in thousands of mineral oils, it can resist the erosion of carbon dioxide and has good anti-corrosion performance for non-ferrous metals.


    Brown viscous liquid

    Dispersion in water


    Based on coco-based imidazoline rust inhibitor; with good anti-rust, film-forming, cleaning, lubrication performance; suitable for medium and high oil content metalworking fluid products as rust inhibitor, and conventional rust inhibitor compounding, only a small amount of addition can greatly improve the anti-rust performance of the product, it can also be used for long-term anti-corrosion in mineral oil,it has good anti- corrosion performance for non-ferrous metals .


    Brown liquid to waxy solid

    Dispersion in water


    Special imidazoline rust inhibitor, well oil solubility and dehydration performance, good dehydration in anti-rust oil can replace diethylene glycol butyl ether, while excellent salt spray and humidity and heat resistance, a small amount of addition can greatly improve the anti-rust and salt spray performance of oil, it has well anti- corrosion performance for non-ferrous metals .



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